Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sal y Limon Mexican, new addition to "The Triangle"

Sal y Limon is the newest addition to "The Triangle" at where Fraser and Kingsway meet. In the same tiny triangle block you can get Vietnamese Banh Mi at Ba Le,  French bistro grub at Le Faux Bourgeois, Yoga and Healthy cuisine at Che Baba Cantina, Jamaican/Japanese fusion at Lion's Den Cafe and hipster coffee at Matchstick.
The space is bright and vibrant with art on the walls and a TV playing sports. It's cozy with a few counter seats and booths to seat about 20. You seat yourself and order/pick up from the front counter. The menu is quite extensive and featuring Mexican favourites: Tacos, Burritos, Tortas (sandwiches), Sopes (round corn dough fried and topped), Quesadillas, Huaraches (oblong larger sopes topped with meat), and a few sides. This has the feel of a family run Mexican joint. Prices are pretty reasonable and on par with other popular Vancouver taco spots like La Taqueria and Dona Cata.

The sous chef and I ordered and waited 5-10 minutes for our food. While waiting, I was given a glass to help myself to the Horchata ($2.00) from a cooler on the counter. I haven't had a bad Horchata and this was no exception. Creamy, milky, with almond and cinammon flavours and not too sweet.

I asked the women at the counter for her two recommended tacos and went with her picks: The Al Pastor and Pollo Pibil ($2.25 each or $2.75 with cheese). The tacos are small and served on double layers of corn tortillas.
The Al Pastor (pork marinated with pineapple) was roasted and sliced off a shwarma spit with a pineapple ring. Really nice flavour, smoky and rich with slight sweetness and acidity for balance. Pollo Pibil (slow roasted chicken breast) was my favourite of the two. Slow cooked, pulled texture, juicy, with a hint of smoky flavour. I was also pretty impressed by their plentiful taco toppings...they definitely don't skimp on the onion and cilantro. Thumbs up!

The food and experience was kicked up a notch with their amazing salsa station with around 10 salsa varieties and fresh cut lime wedges. My favourites were the avocado salsa (a perfect compliment to the Pollo Pibil), the peanut salsa, and the chipotle salsa (the spiciest of the bunch in my opinion.

The sous chef had a hankering for a burrito so he was pretty disappointed when the counter staff told him they ran out of large tortillas. Instead he settled for 3 Vegetariano tacos without cheese(zuchinni and vegetables). He liked them, enjoyed the flavour, liked the avocado salsa a lot, but thought it was just "okay."

All in all, a great new addition to the neighbourhood and a nice place to grab a cheap, tasty, easy meal with a real Mexican feel and tasty flavours.

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