Monday, March 3, 2014

86th Academy Awards; A chance to celebrate the movies and eat!

I love movies and I LOVE food. And for me, the Oscars is the perfect opportunity to celebrate both.

This year I hosted my third Oscar party (previous posts on parties and the creative film-themed dishes are here and here).

These parties always have an oscar picks score sheet, giving guests a chance to guess who they think will take home an award. This year, we also had Oscar-themed trivia.

But my favourite part of these shin-digs is always the creative and delicious potluck dishes inspired by 
Oscar nominees.

Some previous memorable Oscar party dishes were Zuckerburger sliders (the social network) and Billy Bean's Ballpark snack tray (money ball), Minnie's chocolate pie (the help), Swedish meatballs (the girl with the dragon tattoo)....

Here are some photos of this year's menu! 
(missed one photo of Dallas Buyer's Club Texas Baked Beans)

And an extra special shout out to the Sous Chef for co-hosting and continuing his traditional contribution of delicious and adorable Chocolate Oscar statuettes for prizes!