Friday, December 17, 2010

Travel Eats: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico November, 2010

I recently took a week vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I was tagging along on a friend’s family vacation so I wasn’t picking any of our dining venues and instead had a “go with the flow” attitude. All I knew is that I wanted to eat a lot of tacos while I was there. We ate a lot of tourist restaurants, and at the condo/timeshare/resort we stayed at….so we didn’t eat a lot of really authentic Mexican food, but we did eat a lot of yummy food.
*CHEAP VODKA- Osso Negro, bottled and brewed in Mexico and CHEAP (I think we paid approx 5 bucks for a 1L at the Mexican big box superstore
*CHEAP BEER- Tecate, Sol, Corona….
 *YUMMY GUAC everywhere!

*First dinner in Cabo had an Mexican combo at Solomon’s, a restaurant on the marina boardwalk ….it was a good start to a week of mexi-eating. It featured a chilli relleno, one chicken enchilada, and skirt steak served with rice pilaf, black beans, and guacamole. It was a colourful, flavourful, and filling plate. This was my first time having a chilli relleno (pepper stuffed with cheese and grilled) and I didn’t really like the cheese. Come to think of it, all the dishes that our group ordered on this trip that had cheese, had way too much cheese. In fact, after a couple of overly-cheesy meals at the beginning of the trip, I only ordered meals that didn’t have cheese. This place also had the hottest hot sauce I experience on the entire trip!
*Lime Margaritas…..I’ll never get scurvy because I love me a citrus-y beverage. The best one I had was at “The Office.” This restaurant is on busy Medano beach, and you are literally under a colony of blue beach umbrellas with your toes in the stand as you dine.
*I ate a lot of tacos on this trip….I’m not sure on what the final count was, but I know I hit between 12-15, and I could have had more. The best tacos of the trip were definitely at the Cerritos Beach and Surf Club on Cerritos Beach which is a 45 minute drive up the Baja Peninsula from Cabo, on the most beautiful, peaceful beach I saw on the trip. Service wasn’t the best, but cold beer has never tasted so good and you really can’t beat the view. They actually screwed up my order and brought me fried fish tacos, even though I ordered grilled- but it was so tasty, I didn’t really care. This place also had the best fresh-cut, chunky salsa I experienced in Cabo!
*Homemade Dinner in the Eagle’s lair (what we named our condo at Playa Grande). We hit the local Mexican superstore and a produce market in Todos Santos and made a feast. Chips and homemade guac (it turned out well even though I screwed up and bought parsley instead of cilantro), roast spiced yams, grilled steak, stirfried chicken, salad (featuring heart of palm), and a mountain of veggies skewers. A home cooked dinner was a nice switch up after eating out all of the time. Also, Mexican grocery stores have the most amazing lime mayo, hot sauce selection, and chili lime sauce that I brought home and put on everything!

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