Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cypress Snowshoe Tour...cookies and hot chocolate

I think sometimes things taste better depending on where you eat them.....

A perfect example was a snowshoe tour I went on this weekend up on Cypress mountain. It was a spectacularly gorgeous sunny day with a little layer of fresh-ish snow. I was with a fantastic group of girlfriends and we had a tonne of fun stumbling (and falling) around the Cypress Meadow trails.

As part of the tour, we stopped at a lodge and were given a complimentary hot chocolate and cookie. There was nothing particularly special about this snack (it was probably a cheap powder mix hot chocolate made in large batches and the cookies were your standard grocery store bakery specials- i had the white chocolate macademia) but this cheap, simple, not-so-healthy treat tasted amazing because of the awesome setting and the great experience.

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