Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Play-off Hockey with Schnitzel, Pretzels, and Steins

Is your favourite Canuck Christian Ehrhoff? Do you like Schnitzel? Want a guaranteed seat to watch the game? Then you should probably watch some play-off hockey at the Vancouver Alpen Club.

They have a 17" HD projection screen, tonnes of seating, and a $15 special for Schnitzel, potatoes, salad, and a stein of beer.

I watched game 2 of the Nashville series at the Vancouver Alpen Club and we were pretty much the only people there. At first it was pretty disappointing but we ended up having a pretty fun night, despite the loss in double overtime.

Quite a few of my fellow Canucks fans got the special and really enjoyed the schnitzel. I had a bite and it was super crispy and flavourful. The portion was large and a few people ended up with supersize schnitzel. One diner commented that the schnitzel would've benefitted from some creamy sauce.

We also ordered a round of pretzels ($3 each) with savoury, slightly spicy dijon mustard. The Alpen Club gets their pretzels from a local german bakery on commercial drive near Venables (Andy's Bakery- apparantly they also make the best German rye bread in the city). Andy knows what he is doing with pretzels. These bad boys are chewy, yet soft, with nice giant chunks of salt.

Again, a disappointing loss but a fun night out with friends, some good eats, and delicious german beer.

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