Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top 5 Vancouver Burger Picks.....from a true burger enthusiast

I love me a good burger. Whenever I'm torn between different menu options.....a burger always seems like a good bet. It's always a satisfying meal. Burgers have an emotional connection to BBQ's and picnics, greasy spoon diners, sitting on a patio with a pint of cold beer, all of my favourite condiments, and kiddie birthday parties. There are hamburgers, beef burgers, fish burgers, veggie burgers, beef burgers, chicken burgers, falafel burgers, turkey burgers, bison burgers.....the list goes on and on. You can play around with toppings, different kinds of buns, and condiments for endless combinations and a variety of flavours. Burgers can be found pretty much everywhere, from fast food burger chains, pubs, diners, drive thrus, concession stands, to gourmet burger shops and independant burger shops. Burgers can be simple or they can be elaborate. 
Burgers can be a healthy meal or a gluttonous culinary extravagant experience.

My friend, Matt, loves burgers more than anyone I know. In fact, Matt is such burger aficionado, that he and his associates created a clothing line and named in Hamburger Disco. They work images of Burgers into all sorts of creative designs and images. I have some of their shirts and love them! I asked Matt for his favourite burger picks in Vancouver and he was happy to share his burger favourites. 

My top 5 places to get a burger in Metro Vancouver:

Yes, it's a big fat corporate chain. I am sorry. This is the only chain on the list. The thing with Red Robin though is that you always know what you'll be getting - no matter which one you go to - Juicy, quality hamburgers. They're also conveniently located all over Metro Vancouver. And what an array - Turkey! Lamb! Burgers with Egg! Grilled Pineapple Rings?! The reason they made my top 5? BOTTOMLESS STEAK FRIES!!! **Try: The Banzai Burger. Tip: Sneak in some bonus steak fries by asking them to send you out a basket while you're waiting for your burger. 
Red Robin (Broadway) on Urbanspoon

The iconic Wally's Burgers was a staple of my childhood. Located along Kingsway, Wally's Burgers was our only true classic burger joint. And in 2008, they closed their doors...

but not for long. 
A new Wally's Burgers franchise opened up right in Killarney Market last year. While it's smaller than what I was use to growing up, and missing a pinball machine, the new location provides just enough nostalgia to keep me coming back. **Try: Deluxe Chuck Wagon. Get it with Onion Rings.
Wally's Burgers on Urbanspoon

I Love Lucy. Looking for a cute place to take a date out for lunch? Take her to Mount Pleasant. More specifically take her to Lucy's Eastside Diner. A neon sign, chrome bar stools, and black vinyl booths - Amazing. 
**Try: For $11 you can get a burger and milkshake combo. You can also substitute that milkshake for a can of Red Racer (if Surrey beer is your thing). 
Lucy's Eastside Diner on Urbanspoon

Two Parrots is on this list because they serve the infamous 2 lb burger. This is the biggest burger that I've ever found in Vancouver. And this is no novelty burger - this beautiful piece of culinary art tastes amazing. I once tried to tackle this beast, but finished only a mere 45% of it. 
Share it with 2-4 friends, or take the 2 lb burger challenge! If you finish the 2 lb burger alone, without going to the bathroom, and in under an hour, it's free! And you get put on the wall of fame. 
**Try: The 2lb Burger! Duh! My Everest.... 
Two Parrots Perch & Grill on Urbanspoon

Back in the day, whenever we would trek up to Whistler, we always make sure to grab burgers at Splitz Grill. Lucky for us Vancouverites, that they decided to open up a second location on Main St! Splitz has a pretty sweet subway-esque system. You order your food, and then you follow them as they grill your patty in front of you, and throw in whatever toppings you like. The staff is super friendly, they have beer, the burgers are always amazing, and they're the only ones that carry the super secret Splitz sauce - That's why Splitz is my favourite burger joint in Vancouver. PS. To all the vegetarians out there: The Splitz Spice Lentil burger is the heartiest meat-free burger I've ever had. 
**Try: The Bison Burger w/ babaganous.
Splitz Grill on Urbanspoon

Please send me a message or comment: Where is your favourite burger spot in Greater Vancouver???


tara said...

i am very happy you linked to this past post! i used to go to wally's burgers in high school and was very disappointed (there may have been tears) when they were gone up on kingsway. i had NO IDEA they had opened another one up! this makes me so excited!

Missy McIntosh said...

I still haven't made it to Wally's. It sounds like the good folks at Wally's have also taken over the concession stand at Cates Park in Deep Cove.