Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Banh Mi Goodness....

My quick grab-and-go dinner two nights this week was a Banh Mi Ga (shredded chicken, vegetables, and hot peppers). For a $3.75 dinner a tasty Banh Mi is kind of as good as it gets in my book. 

Au Petite Cafe is near 33rd on Main and they make a tasty sandwich. Their bread is pretty fantastic and soooo fresh. The crust is thin and crispy and the center is really soft and buttery. So good. The chicken was nice and saucy and the veggies were crispy (although the green onion was a bit tough to bite through and the hot peppers were quite large- I would've preferred that they were chopped a bit smaller). There was a decent portion of chicken and veg inside, in but this sandwich is by no means overstuffed and the bread is the real stand out. This was kind of a messy sandwich to eat and you'll end up covered in crumbs. 

Call ahead (their sandwiches are popular and sometimes they run out of bread) and bring cash (they don't take credit or debit).
Au Petit Cafe 小小咖啡屋 on Urbanspoon


Anonymous said...

Hi Missy,

This blog is awesome. I just discovered it but will definitely check in time to time.

Curious to know if Banh Mi offers veggie options?

Hope you're well:)


Missy McIntosh said...

Hi Jesse- Thanks for the feedback. Not all Vietnamese places offer Vegetarian Banh Mi's but some definitely do. I've heard great things about this place on Kingsway and they offer a veg option that sounds good. Make sure you tell them "no meat/pate" if you are vegetarian and "no special sauce"- it's mayo- as well if you are vegan.