Monday, February 13, 2012

Sushi Burger and Sushi Pizza at Japolo

I was in the Burnaby/Coquitlam area or "Bur-quitlam" area for a work outing and my boss and I were pretty hungry on our drive home. I remember having pretty decent sushi at one place in the area a few years back yet when I was in the area for a shoot.

Immediately, the special on the blackboard caught the boss' eye and he said "We gotta try that sushi burger." Sushi burger? Sure! The menu also had six different "sushi pizzas"- so we decided to get one of those two. Clearly, the owner/chef is not scared to get creative and put his own twist on sushi.

The Sushi Burger is essentially imitation crab, lettuce, smoked salmon, tobiko, mayo and unagi sauce sandwiched between 2 fried panko coated pressed sushi rice patties ($12.95) The smoked salmon flavour was the dominant one in the dish and gave a nice fresh punch of flavour while everything else was quite mild.

The sushi rice bun stayed in tact and had an awesome contrast of crispy exterior and soft rice inside. It was a bit greasy and oily so splitting it was perfect. The presentation was pretty awesome and perfect for sharing and to up the awesome factor it even with tempura yam fries.

We also split an Albacore Tuna Sushi Pizza ($9.75). This was sushi rice pressed, breaded and deep fried for a crispy crust, drizzled with mayo and sauce, topped with ahi tuna sashimi, chopped onion and peppers. Another creative dish that was really tasty. There is a lot going on with this dish but it works. The sashimi is fresh and light while the rest of the dish was quite heavy (mayo and deep fried crispy rice crust). This is a definite must-share for me since I found this dish super filling and heavy with the deep fried rice crust and mayo.

We each ordered a Seaweed Salad ($5.75). This was a good choice since the other shared dishes were so heavy. It was nice, light, fresh, vinegary, and citrus-y with sunomono base and noodles and two decent ebi prawns.

If you are looking for some good grub in Bur-quitlam and appreciate a creative twist on Japanese food, I would definitely recommend stopping into Japolo.

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Ben said...

LOL! Sushi Burger! Two of my fav food in one. Gotta try it.

~ claire ~ said...

Sushi here is delish! Definitely a creative chef!

Andrea said...

This is definitely something that I feel I need to try on my next visit to the coast!