Friday, May 4, 2012

A Tasty Shout Out for The Wallflower's Portobello Burger!!

I went to The Wallflower Modern Diner for another family dinner. It's menu seems to work for our family since they've got a great vegetarian and vegan menu and great comfort food basics that seem to please mom and pop. I also really like that your food is served on mis-matched plates with fun patterns (like butterflies) that look like they are from a garage sale.

On my Dad's birthday dinner, I ordered their Vegan Portobello Burger ($11) Portobello, Balsamic, lettuce, tomato, onion, eggplant spread, and vegan mozza with half fries, half salad.
This burger is a delicious flavour experience and I MMMMM'd my way through the whole burger. I think what made it so stand-out delicious for me was the combination of the meaty, juicy, portobello cap with the ooey, gooey, garlicky eggplant spread. Definitely need to start working with that dynamic flavour duo even more. One minor complaint would be that the soft bun they use in this burger doesn't stand a chance in holding up against this burger and it got extremely mushy. This burger requires a knife and fork and/or napkin. MMMMMM!

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