Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sharing: New Food Finds

I have two new awesome food treats to share.

I like things spicy so I've actually started bringing a small travel bottle of hot sauce with me when I go places. Reactions are usually mixed when I bust my mini hot sauce out. Weird! Awesome! If you've never been to someone's place before, you don't know what kind of condiments they've got on hand. I prefer to always be prepared.
I went to a BBQ this past weekend and as I was pulling my hot sauce out of my purse, one of the hosts actually stopped me to ask what I was doing. I explained, and he told me that he is actually in the hot sauce biz on the side and pulled out a bottle of his product: Jumpin' Johnny's. It's thick, well textured sauce that clings well to whatever you put in on (I smothered my turkey burger in it). The colour is bright and you can see the flecks of herbs and spices, the smell is vinegar-cayenne with kick. The taste is fantastic with a tangy vinegar hit, herb-acious notes, and a nice even flavourful heat from the cayenne (I'd rate it medium spice). You can buy it at a few North Vancouver grocers, including Queensdale market.

Now, after some hot sauce, I'd like to share a cold, refreshing beverage with you....ZEVIA! I love carbonated drinks (drink at least one club soda with lime every day) but I really try to limit my consumption when it comes to pop and cola. Recently, some friends who work in the natural foods industry were drinking Zevia at a picnic. At first, I was intrigued because it looked like cans of foreign beer, but when they told me it was a zero calorie cream soda sweetened with stevia, I asked to try some....AND I LOVED IT! They have a whack of other flavours (I want to try their Ginger Root Beer) and you can buy them at selected Capers, Whole Foods, Choices, IGA's.


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You rock our natural food world Missy! We're here for blog inspiration any time! :)