Friday, July 5, 2013

An exceptional Brunch experience at Fable

My friend Rachel wanted to take me out for brunch for a belated birthday present- and I was only too happy to oblige. She was very specific and wanted to take me to Fable on West 4th. I've been there for lunch and loved it. She's been for dinner and for their Boozy Brunch (a once a month brunch special where drinks are half price) and is a huge fan.
We went on Father's Day and although I was pessimistic about trying to get into a super popular brunch spot on a high traffic "special brunch occasion" where they were no longer taking reservations, Rachel remained positive and optimistic. We arrived shortly after their opening time, waited in line to put our names down, and we were told it would be approx 45 min wait and that they would give me a ring when there was space for us. We also mentioned that we'd be open to sitting at the bar. Barely 15-20 minutes later, we got the call and mosey-ed back to Fable, where the smiling hostess led us two seats at the bar.
The space here is lovely. High ceilings, fairly open with a lofty hipster barnyard feel complete with cool rustic decor. Everything feels appropriate and comfortable. Sitting at the bar was fun....I recommend it for fans of "kitchen theatre" like myself who enjoy food perving on food prep and plating. It was really warm sitting so close to the flat top and frier but not uncomfortable.
Our coffees were great; rich and full of flavour.

At Rachel's insistence (ya right, she really had to twist my arm) we both ordered mimosas. I LOVED my Grapefruit Mimosa ($7.5). Amazingly fresh, deliciously tart with a hint of sweetness and so refreshing.

Their brunch menu is simple but mouthwatering....everything sounded delicious and looking around at all of the other dishes being consumed at the bar, everything looked delicious too.
We decided to order two dishes and share.

Omelette (3 eggs, bacon, mushrooms, cheddar): salad, rosti, rustic bread ($11)
I don't typically order omelettes. This was Rachel's choice. I never really have been a huge omelette fan, but maybe its because I haven't have a properly prepared omelette before. This was awesome. The eggs were buttery, light, fluffy, and very flavourful without the assistance of much seasoning. The fillings were lovely; thick cut chunks of high quality artisanal bacon and savoury, earthy mushrooms. The side rosti potato cake was crispy, well seasoned and caramelized for maximum flavour and I loved the tiny dollop of chive cream on top. I also have to give a shout out to the tasty bread and bright tangy salad dressing on the greens.

Pulled Pork Johhny Cakes; Tomato Jam, picked jalapenos ($12)
I'm a huge fan of the Pulled Pork Pancakes at Red Wagon, so when I saw these on the menu, my choice was made. But this was a different take on the same concept, lighter, with more subtlety. The pancakes themselves that a slight cornbread taste that I enjoyed. The pulled pork sandwiched between and topping the two pancakes, was generous and not very sauce-y but with a really deep flavour. I loved the tomato jam and pickled jalapenos and because I wanted to give this dish some spice, I added some hot sauce.

I loved the food and the whole meal experience. What makes Fable brunch special? I think its the execution of the dishes, the attention to detail, and the quality ingredients. They even give you delightful (and warm) complimentary cookies when they bring you the bill. Service was efficient, friendly, and attentive. More than just good food, a great experience.

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