Sunday, September 29, 2013

Notorious P.I.G. on the Street

An out-of-town friend/colleague from Toronto was in Vancouver for a September week of meetings and visits and was lucky to get a beautiful Wednesday. Sunny and almost summer-esque. He visits Vancouver regularly, but hasn't really had an opportunity to sample YVR food trucks so I wasn't surprised when this foodie messaged me to see if I wanted to meet up downtown for a food truck lunch. We headed towards the art gallery where one of my favourite food trucks, Mom's Grilled Cheese and a food truck/WV Westfalia van that I've been wanting to try, Pig on the Street, were parked side by side. I recommended that we get a Mom's GC sandwich to share and then we split a wrap from Pig on the Street.

From Mom's Grilled Cheese, we ordered the cashier's recommendation, a pepperjack havarti with tomato and bacon on sourdough. It was awesome as usual. Click here for a previous post on MGC. I love this truck and so did the Vancouver food truck rookie.

I've had several friends sing the praises of Pig on the Street and I was really excited to try it. The van sells five different flatbread sandwich wraps, all of them featuring bacon (except one veg option that substitutes halloumi cheese). They also sell bacon and cheese pastry twisty breadsticks, blueberry lemonade and one dessert option, a bacon, bourbon, caramel, brownie bite. After ordering, I was given a wooden pig figurine with an awesome porcine celebrity moniker, Notorious P.I.G. and was told the wait would be about 20 minutes. 

The wait time was pretty accurate and I was pretty excited to hear staff call out my piggy hip hop name.
I ordered The Porker ($10) Double smoked bacon, sausage and bacon stuffing with sage and apple, goat gouda, greens, apple chutney, caramelized onion mayo. This wrap was heftier than I imagined and they were nice enough to serve it cut it in half on request since we were splitting it. 
Let's start from the outside and work our way in. Their flatbread is delicious and warm. They hand craft this flatbread themselves and I don't think I've had anything quite like it, it is thicker than a standard tortilla, a bit more like a roti, soft, tender, chewy. The bacon itself is plentiful in this wrap. It's thick cut, crispy, smoky and salty with a slight crunch. The stuffing was served in what seemed like a thick slice and pan-fried. I could really taste the savoury sausage and herby sage flavours and the smoother texture allowed the crispy bacon to take the spotlight. The goat gouda was smooth and creamy with a nice saltiness, similar to feta. They also stuffed this wrap generously with arugula which had a nice fresh bite that combined with the acidic apple chutney helped to cut the richness of the bacon, cheese, stuffing, and caramelized onion mayo. All of the flavours complimented one another amazingly and all of the fillings were evenly distributed so each bite captured all of those dynamite elements together. Delicious, satisfying, awesome!

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