Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sparkling Hill Resort and Spa: Peakfine

It was the Sous Chef's birthday and his fabulous mom wanted to take us to one of her new favourite fancy spots in Lake Country, Sparkling Hill Resort and Spa. The resort opened in 2010 and it is a landmark luxury destination like I've never seen before. First of all, it is set near Predator Ridge, high on the hills overlooking the beautiful Lake Country district. The view and surrounding nature itself is pretty awesome. But then there are the crystals.

This whole resort and spa is all about the Swarovski! Crystal components are scattered throughout the hotel, from blinged out bathrooms, floating crystal handrails in the grand foyer, and one-of- a kind sculptures and massive chandeliers. Everything feels luxurious and glamourous, yet because its also a spa, people are walking around in shorts and fitness gear. The bling continues in the resort's fine dining 
restaurant, where even the back of our dining chairs each had an embedded crystal.

The view from the dining room is absolutely amazing! I would say its worth coming here for a drink alone just to sit and watch the sunset. The menu at Peakfine is a blend of European classics and West coast cuisine with a focus on local, seasonal fare. The menu typically changes everyday. On our table.....

An entree is accompanied by bread, an amuse bouche, and petit fours.

Bread basket with butter, olive oil, herbs, and sea salt 
The bread was warm, soft, and tasty, and the accompanying elements added a special touch. I LOVED the sea salt and herbs.

Amuse Bouche
Don't remember what exactly this was, it was a white fish, light and delicious though...

Black Cod with sesame creme fraiche, wasabi crumble, soy gel, udon noodles, asian salad ($33)
My entree. The fish itself was perfect; soft, velvety, delicate, melt-in-your-mouth. I really liked the wasabi crumble which added a nice hit of spice. The one issue I found was that with all of the elements on the plate, somehow everything got a bit soggy and watery. But good overall and the fish itself was delightful.

Steak of the Day with Yam Crisp Garnish, Potato Cake ($38)
Momma G loved her steak and in particular the yam crisp garnish!

Soup of the Day- Thai Squash ($12)
Unfortunately, Peakfine does not have a lot of vegan options, but their soup was meat and dairy free....and delicious!!!

Petit Fours
These were lovely and a wonderful end to the meal. A special shout out for the in-house-made, chocolate decadence dusted in icing sugar.

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