Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vegan Ice Cream Cake

This week, there was a role reversal in our home. The sous chef had a culinary vision, a mission, an obsession....he stepped up as head chef and I became his sous chef to create a Dairy Queen style ice cream cake for our sister-in-law Ashley's birthday.

Ashley is a vegan with a crazy sweet tooth and before she went vegan, I have vivid memories of her LOVING DQ Ice cream cakes. We chatted about this last year around Ashley's birthday, and the sous chef made it his mission to create an awesome DQ-style birthday cake for Ashley's next b-day.

This was a fun and delicious project to take on and the birthday girl was thrilled with the results.

It wasn't too difficult....but requires planning, preparation, and a spring form pan.

The amount will vary depending on the size of the cake you are making.
2 pints of vanilla non-dairy ice cream/ frozen dessert
1 pint of chocolate non-dairy ice cream/ frozen dessert
1 cup of chocolate cookie crumbles (you might want to add more as a topping)
Approx 1 cup of chocolate fudge/syrup (melted chocolate, coconut oil, vanilla)

Let the pints of frozen dessert soften so they are easy to mold and work with.
Line the springform pan with parchment paper or tinfoil.
In the centre of the pan, create a centre column core of chocolate frozen dessert, leaving some room surrounding outside.
Place in freezer for a few minutes to firm up.
Then top the chocolate centre core with a thick layer of fudge and top that layer with chocolate cookie crumbles.
Place back in freezer to harden.
Then add the vanilla frozen dessert on top and around the edges of the chocolate/fudge/cookie crumble core.
Place into freezer for a longer period of time (we did overnight).
Take out of freezer 15 minutes before serving time, take out of springform pan, smooth out top and sides and decorate as desired. Sing Happy Birthday and chow down!

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