Monday, November 1, 2010


If you’re a produce/market-loving nerd like me, this is the perfect fall afternoon. Visitors to Apple Fest can see over two hundred types of apples, watch cider making and tree grafting demonstrations, peruse the marketplace which offers candied apples, apple pie, apple cider and more, try your skills at the apple peeling contest, visit the Jonny Appleseed Orchard (for kids) and buy or taste 60 varieties of apples grown in British Columbia.
I went with Heather and Tacia on the Saturday afternoon for the Oct 16-17 weekend festival. The gorgeous weather made this an extremely busy event, but even though there were a few line-ups and sold out market products, it didn’t put a damper on our apple fest experience.
First up, we hit the marketplace area. I was having vivid memories of the out-of-this-world apple cider at the previous applefest and jumped into that line right away. It was just as awesome and fresh-tasting as I remembered. It was 1.50 or $2, and the equivalent of a warm, sweet, cinnamon hug in a glass. This cider was made from 100% Worrenburg Apple juice (straight out of Keremeos, BC).
Heather and Tacia both lined up for apple pie- and this was probably the biggest line up of the day- but, from experience, some things are worth waiting for. $4 a slice and served up by and efficient team of pie slicer and platers. They loved it and were generous enough to give me a couple of bites. The pastry was really light and flaky but look at this pie…it’s all about the sky-high apple filling. This pie is bursting at the seams with around 7 or 8 layers of delicately spiced apple slices with a light caramel taste. Crazy delicious! These pies were provided by Blackberry Hill, here’s a link to their dessert shop info
Then we wandered around taking in some of the displays and educational stations (Apple cider tutorial anyone?), and then hit the second marketplace area where apple trees, apple chips, fudge, more baked goods, and bags and bags of different varieties of apples were available for purchase.
I was overwhelmed at all of the apple selections…and needed some guidance. I didn’t want to just buy any old Spartan or McIntosh, I needed to try something new. So, I consulted a fantastic applefest volunteer and told her my two favourite kinds of apple (Fuji and Red Delicious). She deduced that my “apple-type” was crisp, sweet, and desert and recommended Yoko and Nicola dessert apples. I bought a bag of each and was really happy with both (she was my apple guru) but the Yoko's were particulary outstanding!

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