Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Want to wow with appies and desserts this holiday season? Don't be afraid to cheat at little....

Ah yes, Dec 1st- time to bust out my advent calendar, my Bing Crosby Christmas CD, my tacky tinsel mini tree and start my countdown to Christmas. I also love December because it is usually a party month, filled with lots of drinking and amazing food. Over the holidays, I usually attend a lot of parties where I’m asked to bring an appy or a dessert. I always TRY to pre-plan and bring something original and tasty, but since December is usually so busy- I end up rushing and slightly stressed- which means I end up bringing a veggie platter, crackers and cheese or cookies. Don’t get me wrong, these are usually crowd pleasers and standards at every party but I always wish I could kick it up a notch and really “wow” people with whatever I bring.
This year, I found an easy cheat for a “classier” appetizer with a healthy twist with a new product at one of my favourite grocery stores. PC has come out with convenient packs of “Vodka Beet Smoked Salmon ($6)” and “Smoked Wild Albacore Tuna($7).” I’ve sampled these and was wowed by the smoky, light, delicate flavours of these fish products. As a cheap, easy, healthy appy- I think I’ll pair these with either endive leaves or cucumber slives and light cream cheese, non fat plain yogurt, grainy dijon mustard and sliced green onion.
For desserts, I love to bake- cakes, cookies and squares usually go over pretty well, but I find myself longing to “class it up” and really wow people. Also, timing can I think this year it may be my year to cheat with cheesecake…PC has a tonne of dessert options out that would be sure to please a crowd at any holiday party. I’m a sucker for anything with a chocolate/mint flavour combo, so I’m a big fan of PC’s new Candy Cane Cheesecake ($7). The base is chocolate cake, the centre filling was cheesecake with a hint of peppermint, and the topping was chocolate ganache sprinkled with candy cane. Awesome flavour and awesome texture.
PC also has a new Red Velvet Cheesecake ($7) with yummy cream cheese icing and Dulce de Leche Individual size cheesecakes ($4 for 2). Another idea is to buy a plain NY cheesecake and make your own custom flavour by topping it with various fruit, nuts, chocolate, cookie crumble, or a fieldberry or lemon curd.
Show your friends and family how much you care. Take the easy route and cheat a little with easy dessert and appetizer solutions this holiday season;)

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Pet Family said...

Love these ideas Missy! I'm hosting a cookie throwdown at work and am going to attempt a shortbread with white chocolate candy cane topping! I'm nervous!