Sunday, March 13, 2011

A nooner at Wang's

I’m back working in South Vancouver as of this week. There aren’t really many lunch options within walking distance so when Asian super director called and wanted to meet a co-worker and I for lunch, we knew we decided to head north up Granville and meet at Wang’s Noodle House.  ASD have both been here before and enjoyed the soup- so it seemed like a great location for a lunch meet up.
This place is clean with slick, modern décor and light bamboo walls. Service was pretty slow and enthusiastic and our server was pretty infrequent with tea re-fills. The menu isn’t overwhelming and when my co-worker and I had arrived, ASD had already put in an order for two dim sum style appies to share. 
Sliced Beef in Chinese Pancake (5.25)- this is one of my favourite Chinese food appies  and I’ve had some amazing versions of this dish recently….this one was just okay, especially when slathered with chilli garlic sauce- but too dry- both the pastry and the beef inside. I like this dish with more hoisin inside.
Pan Fried Chive Volauvent (5.25) chive, onion, bean threads, egg in a flat dumpling pouch….this was a bland and boring dish. The flavour was dominated by the chives and fell flat on my tastebuds- wouldn’t order it again.
We all got the spicy beef brisket soup(7.50- small)  and enjoyed it (ASD got the thick noodles, c and I got the thin) noodles were chewy and tasted really fresh….love the loads of cilantro, pickled veg, and green onions. 
There were approx 8-10 generous chunks of supple beef- thick and melt in your mouth (no stringy-ness or gristle).  The spicy broth rocks: this beef broth is rich but not heavy or too oily with a nice spicy kick.
I would come back to Wang's for the soup, but I can't give it a solid thumbs up since our other lunch items and service were pretty lackluster.
*I actually took home my leftover soup noodles and reheated them for dinner with some bok choy….it made for another tasty meal. 
Wang’s Beef Noodle
8390 Granville St
Vancouver, BC Noodle House
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