Monday, April 4, 2011

You'll never look at Kale the same way again

This is my go-to snack for any kind of ladies movie/tv-watching/gabbing/gossiping nights. Most gals show up with cookies, chocolate, chips, pretzels, and I show up with a bundle of green, leafy kale, a bottle of olive oil, and my trusty sea salt. Many scoff at first, some are intrigued, but unless they’ve tasted kale chips before, most people wonder what the hell I’m up to. Without exception, everyone I’ve made this for has enjoyed this healthy alternative to potato or tortilla chips.

For a recent movie night-in with my friend Heather, she actually requested that we have kale chips for dinner since she had never tried them before. This is a super cheap and easy recipe and a pleasure to share.

What you need:

*A bunch of kale (or two….these are addictive and trust me if you are feeding a group you’ll want to do up two or three bunches)

*Olive oil (approx 1-2 tbsp per bunch)

*Sea Salt (approx 1 tbsp per bunch)

What to do:

Preheat the oven to 350°

Rip the green leaves into bite size pieces and remove them from their tough spine (I cut them like so using a clean pair of scissors) Rinse the kale leaves, give em’ a spin in a salad spinner, then pat try with a clean dish towel. Those leaves should be bone dry!

Put the kale leaves in a large bowl. Drizzle the oil and then mix ensuring the kale is all lightly coated. Use a spoon. Use your hands. Use a bit more oil. Use your judgment.

Douse with sea salt and mix again.

Arrange the kale chips onto the sheet try and slide it into the oven. Bake until the leaves are crisp to the touch but still a dark green. (When they turn brown, they turn bitter.)

Check at the 12-minute mark, and then check often- you want a nice level of crispiness but don’t worry: slightly soggy pieces still taste good too.

These kale chips have a strange, mesmerizing texture and are addictive like potato chips. It’s the grease of the olive oil, the crisp of the chip, and the slick of salt on the tongue. You can’t eat just one piece.

Make this for a snack or as a side dish. Here’s my cheeky take on fish and chips: a salmon burger patty with bean sprouts and kale chips.


Anonymous said...

For such a self proclaimed 'foodie', I'm surprised you used EVOO from Superstore.

Missy McIntosh said...

I would say I'm a foodie/ food enthusiast, but not a food snob. It's not the best olive oil out there, but it certainly did the job and the final product tasted great.