Friday, June 24, 2011

Talkin' BBQ on the First Weekend of Summer!

Although it's been a less than impressive spring season, summer is now officially here and that means BBQ season.
If you check your local grocery store shelves, you'll notice a few really big trends in summer BBQ dining and entertaining.
I talked to PC Cooking School Executive Chef Tom Fillippou about the major food trends for Summer 2011.
According to Chef Tom, the biggest trends are:


Mini burgers aka "Sliders" have become a popular appetizer item on most menus. Now people will be able to whip up and serve all sorts of mini mains. You'll find mini slider patties, mini sausages, and a variety of mini buns in your local grocery store. Tom loves this trend because it is fantastic for entertaining- put out a tray of basic mini burgers or hot dogs and let guest jazz them up with all sorts of traditional or crazy condiments and toppings. Make it Italian with tomato sauce/mozza/fresh basil. Make it Mexicali with salsa/ avacado/jalapeno rings. Greek it up with Tzatziki/cucumber/feta. Make your own Japa Dog with wasabi mayo and shredded nori.
The combination options are only limited by your imagination and how adventurous your taste buds are.


Bring the flavours of the world to your BBQ this summer with a variety of meats, veg, marinades, and sauces. Burgers and 'dogs are great staples for summer grilling but try taking your tastebuds for a trip around the world. It's pretty simple with pre-seasoned items available like Middle Eastern Lamb and Beef Koftka skewers, Korean Beef Shortribs, or Souvlaki Marinated Chicken Breasts.
Veggie Skewers brushed with Spicy Asian BBQ sauce

And if you are a condiment junkie like me, there are tonnes of options: Argentinian Chimichurri sauce, Spicy Asian BBQ sauce, spicy tzatziki, Souvlaki marinade, Thai fiery Chili Pepper Sauce, Portugese Piri Piri BBQ sauce (amazing with chicken or shrimp), Tuscan Balsamic and Fig sauce, Montego Bay Fiery Jerk sauce, Japanese Kobe Tamari Sauce......and more.
Quinoa salad + Argentinian Chimichurri=YUM!

Try these sauces on everything- beef, fish, veggie skewers, sandwiches, in salads, as dips.

Enjoy the first official weekend of summer, get grilling, and try some new flavour combinations!

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