Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Juice Truck: Awesomeness on wheels in Gastown

The Juice Truck is a bright pink and teal culinary juicing laboratory on wheels and a stand-out of Vancouver's food truck scene. Everything about this truck is fresh, vibrant, and fun- from the truck itself (you can't miss it!), to their explosively flavourful juices and smoothies, and the awesome owner/operators. 

They believe good juice creates, health, happiness, and energy and they use the best, freshest ingredients and their imaginations to create amazing juices, smoothies, and desserts to tantalize the tastebuds and refresh and detox customers. They are the proud owners of 2 state of the art juicing machine (there are only 2-3 other juice bars using it in North America, that blend and press the juice to maximize the nutrient content. This truck has a really varied and imaginative menu....they are constantly dreaming up amazing flavours and getting innovative to create completely new deserts and dishes.

The truck is run by best friends, Ryan and Zach who got passionate about the power of juices when they travelled around the world and ended up learning about healthy juices everywhere they visited. When they returned from their world travels, the food truck trend had just started in Vancouver, and the wheels started turning.....what an awesome way to bring amazing juices to Vancouver-ites! So the two did a bunch of research, got a truck and an amazing assortment of juicing machines and technology to create a juice lab on wheels. 

They are awesome guys who have so much enthusiasm about juice and their's infectious! There is also another truck staffer Aviya, "The Smoothie Queen" who is really knowledgable and can whip you up an amazing smoothie with a smile. Everything is fresh and made from short cuts here. They even make their own almond and cashew milk.
On my visit to the truck, I tried:

Banana Bread Smoothie: They take custom banana bread (local foodie Erin Ireland's "It's to Die For Banana Bread, which is full of chopped nuts, dried banana chips, chocolate chips), slice it, and blend it with frozen bananas, vanilla soy milk, and cinnamon.
Slices of B Bread in a blender
The result, smooth, creamy, and you can taste hits of all of the elements in the banana bread with every sip. It tastes really balanced and isn't too heavy. A brilliant idea and an awesome breakfast or snack in a glass. 
**These guys have more creations they are working with a "dessert in a glass" feel like an apple pie smoothie with cashew milk and apple sauce, and key lime pie with green apple, lime, and avocado.

Banana Sorbet: They create their own frozen banana sorbet made by running frozen bananas using a the first step of their two step juicing machine with a special blade. This is light, creamy and refreshing. A way healthier option than Hagen Daas: even after being topped with their homemade cacao chocolate syrup, it's a relatively guilt-free delicious treat, and pretty inventive.

If you're feeling blue and need a drink to perk you up, cure a hangover, feel better, or just need a treat- find this truck and get yourself a healthy delicious juice, smoothie, or treat.

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