Thursday, October 27, 2011

Milestone Grill and Bar on Lougheed in Burnaby

This week I went to Milestone Grill and Bar on Lougheed Highway in Burnaby near Brentwood Mall. I'm not a big fan of chain restaurants, but usually when eating with a larger group, where some people have kind of picky tastes, a chain can be the safest choice with large varied menus and the ability to seat large parties together. We were celebrating birthdays for two of my favourite people and I decided to go in with a positive attitude....but the really terrible service, multiple service issues and pretty terrible food ended up making any kind of positive attitude pretty hard to maintain.

Our server was a nice "Ned Flanders/ Neighbourhood goofy dad" type of guy- but as nice as he was, he was really just a TERRIBLE server.

Some major issues:
-Room temperature beer: A few of the guys ordered the beer special of the night, $4 Coronas. We all had to ask for glasses of water. When the beers came, they were open with lime wedges, but there was one major was room temperature/ lukewarm.
They notified the server, he went to replace them, and came back around 10 minutes later to let the guys know that all of the Coronas were lukewarm. They guys ordered a different brand of beer, which our server did give them those beers for the special price but didn't offer any explanation for what had happened.
-Super sluggish on water refills. We had to ask numerous times for water.
-I ordered a club soda with a splash of cranberry juice. It didn't come for 20 minutes. I reminded the server, then although 10 minutes passed and finally my drink came. I took one sip and it was gross, syrupy and flat. Right away I sent it back and told him it was really bad. He didn't offer to look into whether there was a fountain problem and try to rectify the problem. He just shrugged and said "Whoopsy- I don't know what's wrong there." (I'm paraphrasing)
-He "m'am"-d all of the women at the table......which I'm not a fan of

Some people were happy with their meals and visually, some dishes looked pretty good and my fellow diners were really satisfied with...

Butternut Squash Ravioli (Roma Tomato sauce, goat cheese, fresh basil and spicy-glazed pecans 16.99

Grilled Chicken Pesto Fettuicini (Double breast of chiciken tossed in our Reggiano pesto cream 16.99

But some dishes were hard to swallow.... particularly mine.

Grilled Seafood Salad (Grilled tiger shrimp, Wild Pacific Coho salmon, marinated shrimp, fresh avocado, papaya, roasted Italian tomatoes, crisp noodles and lemon-chardonnay vinaigrette 18.99
The salmon was flavourless and rock hard, the shrimp was rubbery and tasted like it was seasoned with pepper, the salad was an iceberg bagged variety and was also flavourless and dull.

Overall, I'm not a fan of chains- usually, it's overpriced food where the quality just doesn't match the high price point. In my opinion, this was a prime example of that.
*One point to note: I did complain about the experience through the Milestones website and were very impressed by their follow up process.

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Anonymous said...

You,my dear Missy, need to get a life!!! You spend way to much of life's time throwing your negativity and self-absorbed opinions at others. Most people are more than happy with the meals they receive in a restarant...if you dont like chains then don't go there!! Pretty simple don't you think...You are one of those people I would be embarrassed to be with in any put way too much false importance on yourself and your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Of course my comment won't be approved!!! Apparantly, your opinion is the only one that matters.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the two above comments.
Being a server is hard and if you were waiting 20 minutes on a drink that's unfortunate but if all you did was complain right off the bat about your Corona's then the beer selection.. I would of ignored your table as a server as much as possible. When you complain right away I tip is down so I say forget you guys I'll focus elsewhere. I have no time to put up with bullshit requests get off your high horse and relax your not the King or Queen of England in anyone's eyes other than you own. That's my opinion. Take it as you wish.