Monday, April 9, 2012

Tinseltown Movies and Chinatown Eats

I love going to watch movies at Tinseltown! The free parking is awesome and their cheap(er) ticket pricing on Tuesday nights is fantastic and all but the best part is being close to Chinatown to grab cheap and delicious grub before the show.

Recently, I went to see an amazing food documentary called Jiro Dreams of Sushi with Asian Superdirector, Foul Mouthed Godson, and the Style Guru. Asian Superdirector led us into Kam Gok Yuen Restaurant for a cheap, chinese feast. This is an old school Hong Kong style restaurant with two large windows by the front door. On one side you can watch a man boiling noodles and dumpling through the steamy window, on the other you can drool over the sight of hanging Cantonese roast meats.
We split 1/2 BBQ duck and rice, Gai Lan, Crispy Fried Squid, and Seafood Congee. It was satisfying and tasty (the duck and gai lan were the highlights...everything else was pretty average.)

BBQ 1/2 Duck -- Tender and Juicy on the outside and crispy on the outside....Delicious but beware that you'll be gnawing on bones

Sauteed Gai Lan- fresh, delicious, perfectly cooked delicious sauce

Singapore Noodles

Kam Gok Yuen 金菊園 on Urbanspoon

The following Tuesday, the Style Guru and I returned to Tinseltown to check out Undefeated (this year's Oscar winning documentary). This time, we hit up New Town Bakery to grab some treats to smuggle inside the theatre for dinner. I ordered a Steamed Spicy Pork Bun ($1.60) and a Vegetable Steamed Bun ($1.50). Talk about cheap eatin'!
I was really impressed with the ratio of bun to filling....they don't skimp on fillings at New Town. The bun itself was light, soft, chewy, airy, with a subtle sweetness. The spicy pork rocked- not exactly spicy but super flavourful and tangy. The veggie was pretty boring and lacked much flavour. Both buns were enhanced by the side of hot sauce I was able to wrangle from the friendly staff...but apparently after chatting with some people I've learned to ask for a side of their secret sauce which is a hoisin blend and has an out-of-this-world flavour.

Check out those BUNS!!!

Dinner Theatre!

New Town Bakery & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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Anonymous said...

Try going back not on a Monday for some food, it'll taste better! ;) The head chef takes his one day off of the week on Mondays, so that's why the singaporean noodles are average. Next time you go on Tues through Sunday, try the 鹹魚雞粒炒飯, it's my fave! :D I've had just about every dish there, trust me it's good! (Unless you don't like salted fish.)