Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paul's Place Omlettery

I work in the South Granville area and my mom and sister came to meet me, check out my office digs, and go for lunch. As always, I had a plethora of options for them to choose from and narrowed it down to 5 places. They had free parking and didn't want to move, and my mom doesn't have to most "exotic" or "foreign" tastes so we ended up heading to Paul's Place Omlettery. I'd been once before, but probably 3 years ago. I remember going for weekend brunch, waiting a long time to be seated (it was busy), and the food being good, but nothing stood out.

Paul's Place Omelettery is open 7am-3pm serving up breakfast and lunch. It's cozy and inviting inside with a modern feel and high, lofty ceilings. We were seated right away by a friendly host.
The menu is pretty large with a huge breakfast selection with combo meals, french toast, pancakes, Specialty plates, omelettes, benedict eggs, and hash options- and lunch choices with salads, burgers and many, many sandwich varieties.

I ordered their B.E.L.T.C.H sandwich: Bacon, Egg, Lettuce, Tomato, and Cheddar on Toasted Multigrain for $7.50. Like many of their meal choices, this sandwich doesn't come with a side (read closely), but sides are offered for an additional $1.95. I asked, and our server was nice enough to agree to add on a side of half fries/half salad. I enjoyed this sandwich but it could've been better. They didn't ask me how I wanted my egg... but I should've asked! I always love a runny yolk but I didn't think to ask...the egg came cooked through so I didn't get the ooey, gooey, creamy yolkiness that I was craving.

Overall, it was a decent sandwich with a nice mix of salty and fresh flavours and crunchy textures.
There were two different hot sauces and they were an awesome addition to the sandwich, especially what seemed to be their house made hot sauce that resembled a pureed salsa. It's tangy with a nice kick. The fries were fantastic- crispy, yet soft inside and well seasoned.
Minor case of food envy....I was torn between the BELTCH and veggie hash. I saw my neighbour's hash arrived and felt a twinge of looked so good.

My mom ordered the Denver Omelette: Ham, Mushrooms, Tomato, Onions, Red Pepper, Cheddar, Edam, Cream Cheese for $9.75. She enjoyed it but didn't have any specific comments to make.

Middle sister was sucked in by their "Make your own Grilled Cheese" option: Cheddar and Edam on grilled buttered rye bread with Fruit Garnish for $4.50. She pimped it out and added jalapeno, tomato (0.95 each) and avocado (1.50). She thought the result was just okay and was a bit disappointed. She was hoping that the jalapenos would be pickled or cooked (they were raw, de-seeded and added to spice or flavour) and felt like they were stingy with the avocado.

Overall, service was pretty good although we did all feel like we were waiting for our food a bit long, and we did have to ask for water re-fills. The food seems a bit price-y, but its comparable to everywhere else in the area.

Paul's Place is a nice place with good food but overall, none of us found it fantastic or over-the-top awesome. Their menu is sure to have something to please just about everyone, although it probably won't knock any socks off.

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