Saturday, November 17, 2012

Family Feast at Palki North Vancouver

It was littlest sister's birthday and since my parent's are in the final stages of moving, we decided it might be a good idea to plan a restaurant dinner. But our family is a bit tricky....we've got some vegans, we've got some vegetarians, we've got some people that aren't exactly "risky diners", and some people who don't like any place too loud or too busy.

A recent birthday party for another Aunt- saw some family members tasting Indian food for the very first time...and liking the mild dishes. With a bit of brain storming, we decided that Indian might be a good fit for this meal. I've heard good things from North Van friends- and some buddies that travel for their weekend buffet lunch, so we booked a Sunday evening reservation at Palki restaurant.

The interior was inviting, modern, clean, nice lighting, slick decor, with some peacock themed art. I thought the restaurant lay out made it feel nice and spacious. The host (and manager, I would assume) was charming and attentive to our table throughout the meal. My mom had mentioned that we had vegans in our party, and he made sure to get their orders first and seperately, answers questions and making special efforts to meet their dietary needs. He was able to provide a special vegan roti. I was also impressed at how helpful he was at providing menu guidance for the Indian food novices at the table.

I ordered the Baigan Bhartha, whole eggplant roasted, peeled, pureed with onion and tomatoes, herbs and spices ($11.50). I asked for it spicy, and they delivered. It was a nice spice level and a beautiful rich, smoky flavour. All of the mains came out in metal serving bowls, with candles underneath to keep them warm.

I also really enjoyed their Naan bread and found out they cook it in-house in a tandoor. It was extremely fresh, chewy, yet pillowy with a nice charred, slightly crispy exterior.
Other meals at the table were

Tandoor Mixed Grill Platter ($22.95)

Butter Chicken ($11.95) boneless chicken first broiled in the Tandoor and then cooked in butter and cream sauce.

Gobi Aloo ($10.95) fresh cauliflower and potatoes cooked with fresh coriander, ginger and tomatoes

Spicy Lamb Curry (not sure which Lamb curry this was)

Paneer and Pepper Curry

Everyone seemed to enjoy their meals, and everyone was impressed by the service, portion sizes, and pricing. I did ask our host about his buffet and man, did he sell that buffet! 15 rotating items for $11. Adding that to my "to eat in Vancouver" list.

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