Monday, November 26, 2012

Lunch at Nu Greek on Broadway

Went for a late lunch with the boss just around the corner from our office at Nu Greek on Broadway and LOVED IT. Fresh, flavourful, well-priced, healthy fast food and uber friendly service.
Nu is in the family of the Kambolis Restaurant group, who also own C Restaurant and Raincity Grill.

This location in teeny and definitely designed for the grab-and-go takeout lunch crowd. They've got three small bistro tables for those who opt to dine in (which we did).

I ordered their Lunch Plate for $7.50 with a skewer of your choice (octopus, salmon, lamb, chicken), greek salad, chickpea salad, tzatziki, and freshly-baked homeade pita bread (white or whole wheat.) I was disappointed when they told me they were out of octopus, but the friendly woman behind the counter was quick to strongly recommend the salmon. And she didn't disappoint. The salmon was fresh, moist, and well seasoned with garlic, oregano, lemon, salt and was melt in your mouth goodness. The Greek salad was fresh and crunchy, with juicy tomatoes and a wonderful saltiness from the feta and olives. The chickpea salad was bursting with flavours from a garlic/lemon dressing. The homemade pita was KILLER, soft, warm, and delicately seasoned. This is a great portion of quality food for under $8.

The Boss also ordered the Lunch Plate but went for their "wheat free" option and got an extra skewer of meat for 50 cents more (lamb and chicken). He also went for a small Soup of the Day ($3.00), lentil and split pea with crumbled feta, which he loved.

We also shared an order of deliciously, fresh and garlicky hummus with a side of more delicious, seasoned, fresh pita bread ($3.50).

A great place for a filling, healthy, deeee-licious lunch that won't break the bank.

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