Friday, March 15, 2013

Brunching at The Rumpus Room

An awesome friend from out of town was in Van city en route to a wedding in Las Vegas and wanted to see as many friends as possible for a pre-flight brunch. It's tough to book a big group for brunch in Vancouver. Many places won't take reservations and most definitely can't handle a party of 10. But she managed to make a big reso at the Rumpus Room. 
My only other experience at The Rumpus Room was on the last stop on of my Food Crew crew's epic Bacon Quest, eating Sh-Bang! (deep fried bacon and avocado)

I ordered the BLT $6.50 Bacon, lettuce, garlic ailoi and tomato on toasted multigrain, with a side of breakfast potatoes. I asked for them to take off the aioli and add a fried egg. 
I LOVED their breakfast potatoes and they might just be the best breakfast potatoes I've had recently. I found them the perfect texture and well-seasoned. 

Scrambled Veggs $4.95 A vegan egg substitute made with tofu, nutritional yeast and spices. Served with breakfast potatoes and sliced tomatoes. This wasn't awesome. I had a bite and all I tasted was tumeric. It was overwhelming and harsh.

Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwich $7 Toasted bread slathered in peanut butter and topped with three slices of bacon. Their menu suggests "If you wanna get crazy add pickles." So our buddy, Kyle,   did just that. He liked it and said that sandwich combo could become a new standard sandwich to make at home.

Veggie Benny $8.50 Two poached eggs on top of english muffins with house made hollandaise and served with breakfast potatoes. A few people in our party got this benny and there was a chorizo benny as well. These looked tasty and got thumbs up for the diners.

Waffle and bacon- A buddy with a smaller appetite kept it simple and ordered two sides; a waffle and bacon. No complaints here.

Noone raved about their dishes but noone complained either. This was definitely a fun meal experience though. It was great to have a leisurely brunch, catch up, chat, and be able to play Jenga and a round of Head Bandz.

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