Saturday, March 30, 2013

Epicurean Caffe Bistro: Buongiorno!

This charming, bustling little cafe bistro keeps delivering on delicious with every visit I make. I recently suggested ECB for a lunch with my mom and aunt. My aunt can't eat gluten and ECB has gluten free pastas and pizza options on their menu.

My aunt ordered the gluten free pasta special of the day with bolognese sauce.

I ordered the Pizza Buongiorno ($12.95); thin crust pizza baked with two sunny side eggs, pancetta, mozzarella and fresh arugula...and my mom copied me ;)

The crust is quite different, it's extremely thin and has more of a crispy, crumbly, cracker texture rather than any kind of doughy chew. I thought this type of crust worked really well with the pizza because it let the toppings shine. The pancetta was salty and rich, the mozza was full flavoured, the arugula added a fresh, peppery bite. I loved the eggs on top, they definitely kicked things up a notch and added their own rich cream, yolk sauce.

A lovely lunch!

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