Saturday, January 15, 2011

Masa's Bar and Grill- Sunpeaks Pub Lunch

I went for a weekend getaway in Sunpeaks recently for my pal Tricia’s birthday. We ate most of the meals in her family cabin/chalet, but we did one lunch at Masa’s Bar and Grill during a snowboarding/skiing/drinking and ice skating day. 
I ordered the vegetarian chilli combo with salad and a garlic breadstick. The chili had a nice mild/medium heat with a tomato-dominated flavour. I liked the texture- it was a nice balance with a few different types of beans, diced peppers, and chunks of tomato. I asked for some hot sauce for the table and they brought me out a small cup of quite tasty hot sauce with a slightly buttery taste (I’m guessing Frank’s Hot Wing Sauce) that I dunked my garlic breadstick in and added to my chilli for a bit more flavour. To my chagrin, when the bill came, the server had charged me an additional 75 cents for a side of hot sauce…this is a pet peeve of mine- first of all, places shouldn’t charge for condiments. But if that’s the policy, and as a server you HAVE to do it, let the customer know about the additional charge. The side salad was pretty lame with the exception of the shredded pickled beet topping.
Scott ordered the beef dip and although it looked stand-out awesome, he said it was just average. The bread was a dark crusty baguette style with some girth and the meat was well cooked, tasty, and plentiful but the au jus sauce was disappointing. According to Scott who sees himself as a beef dip connoisseur: the darker the au jus with the more floating meat bits, the stronger the flavour. He found this au jus too weak and watered down.
Tina, Jayme and Tricia all ordered the Open Faced Greek Donair-grilled chicken with iceberg lettuce, tomato, feta, and tzatziki and served with a side of fries.
 They all found this dish pretty average- something they could make easily at home, pretty unimpressive and uninspired. The diners who ordered this dish were put off by the olives liberally sprinkled on top and scraped them off immediately, and a bit cranky that they weren’t mentioned in the menu description.
Jayme and Tina also ordered the Quesadilla with sautéed mushrooms and spinach, peppers, gruyere cheese and wait for it, wait for it….garlic mashed potatoes.
The ladies gave this Quesadilla four enthusiastic thumbs up. Tina broke it down…”I’m a lover of carbs so when you get a carb, wrapped up in another carb- AMAZING! Then you get fries in there and it’s a triple threat.” Jayme loved the creative use of mashed potatoes and said it tasted “rich, but not too rich.” She also loved the sautéed mushrooms and spinach filling and felt like they added some depth to the already flavourful meal.
Some of the boys at the table ordered an appy of Cajun Encrusted Cheese Sticks with slightly melted mozza with a crumbled spicy tortilla chip exterior were a huge hit with everyone for flavour, texture and innovation.
Overall, everyone felt pretty average about their lunch except for the quesadilla that had the girls wanting to mix garlic mashed potatoes into everything!
Masa's Bar & Grill (250) 578-5434       
Located in the Village Day Lodge
Sun Peaks, BC

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