Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Memorable Eats from 2010

It's a new year and around this time, we all tend to reflect on the previous year in our ways. While reflecting on events and making resolutions for 2011, I found my mind wandering to delicious meals from 2010. Rather than fight my foodie-brain distraction- I decided to go with it and come up with a round up of memorable meals in 2010.
In no particular order:

*Maenam:Braised Pork Belly and water spinach- Dinner with some TV ladies to celebrate the leggy redhead's return from an out of town gig

*Abigail’s Party: Big Al’s Burger- A wonderful laid back summer evening meal with Bianca and Ashley with a beer on the patio
Pemberton Meadows natural beef, aged cheddar, double- smoked bacon, caramelized onions, garlic aioli & butter lettuce on a Cob's sweet bun, fries & salad of mixed wild greens

*The Wicklow: Grilled Lamb Burger- A surprisingly delicious St. Patricks Day Dinner

grilled lamb burger topped with feta and sautéed mushrooms served on a fresh kaiser with roasted garlic and rosemary aioli, lettuce, tomato and red onion. 13

*East is East- I ate this a number of times over the year as a take out lunch at work
eastern plate(15$) with afghan eggplant (baked eggplant with herbs and sundried tomatoes) and minced beef kebab (organic beef with mushroom, red peppers and herbs). The plate comes with daal, afghan rice, salad and roti. Also, their chai tea is bananas!

*Chutney villa: Katrika Chops- A delicious dinner with the girls after mani-pedi's the night before Sheila's wedding
Katrika Chops: Delicious eggplant in a tomato based curry, served with or without egg (14$)

*Tamarind Hill:Malaysian Curry Laksa (7.50)- A work lunch in North Vancouver between shoots. My first Laksa experience. Warm paradise in a bowl.

Rice vermicelli with dried shrimp, Tiger prawn, chicken, bean sprout, egg, tofu puffs and fish cake in spicy coconut, or curry soup.

*Le Faux Bourgeois- Mussels and Frites, Calamari, Lamb Sirloin and Vegetable Ratatouille- Patricia's birthday dinner- FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC.

Caffe Epicurean: Earthy Breakfast 12.50-
Eggs poached in a simmering Amatriciana sauce, topped with grilled Turkey or Pork Italian Sausage, accompanied with spicy or mild Eggplants and roasted Potatoes. Toasted bread, butter and jam.
Ask for the Rosemary Foccacia!

*Sushi Mori, port moody- Spicy Chirashi Don Lunch with Eunice after a location scout, an amazing meal that we tried to replicate one night for dinner with PVR'd 30 rock and Glee episodes.
 Spicy Chirashi Don(13.95) assorted sashimi and vegetables served on rice with spicy sauce

*Kibune sushi:tuna tataki (and many other dishes that were amazing but this stood out)

*Hapa Izakaya (Kits):Spot Prawn features, sashimi salad, Tuna Avo Salsa Dip, and a few other delicious items- this was a fantastic patio belated birthday dinner from eunice and leggy redhead.
Tuna Avo Salsa Dip – 7.95
Ahi Tuna, avocado, tomato, onion and cucumber dip. Served with plantain chips

*Pasparos Taverna, North Van- we shot a demo for a potential food network shoot here. The ladies that run this place are amazingly wonderful and the food is crazy delicious. It is now my very favourite Greek place!
Melitzanosalata(Roasted eggplant, garlic, fresh mint and basil dip) 7.5
Elioto(Olive pate) 7.5
Roast Lamb(Lamb shoulder slow roasted in our authentic blend of spices)
 Calamari(Choice of grilled, stuffed grilled or deep fried) 11.5
Vegan Moussaka- 18
Ekmek Kataifi- A delicious layered dessert with honey syrup infused kataifi pastry, custard, tossed crumbled nuts and homemade whipped cream.8
*Bandidas:Mexican Breakfast- brunch with Mel
Mexican Breakfast (all day) . . . 7 ½
2 free range eggs, corn tortillas, pinto beans, fresh salsa, purple cabbage salad and guacamole

*Three Lions Cafe:Bread and Butter Pudding with warm vanilla custard- a dessert date after a romantic outing to Best Buy. This is so good I bet it could end wars and maybe cure some scary diseases.

*Bo Laksa King Bubbles and Bits: Laksa, Spicy Squid, Roti, Fermented Tea Leaf Salad- I took Eunice here for a belated b-day dinner and had our tastebuds rocked for a wallet-friendly price.

*Richmond Night Market- a summer evening adventure with Heather and Jen!
Meat Skewers
Octopus Balls
Samurai Burgers
Green Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream

*Yaletown Brewing Company- A Dine Out Vancouver Dinner with Jayme, Tricia, and Alana. I had a seafood soup, duck confit (my first time- SOOO good). and a chocolate dessert

*La Terrazza- Another Dine Out Vancouver with the BCIT gals and their BFs. Everything was really tasty but our fantastic server and an amazing cheesecake dessert make it a stand out.

2010 Memorable eats outside of Vancouver restaurants:
*Jan/Feb trip to Cambodia and Thailand. Ate some weird stuff, discovered my love of spicy foods and fell in love with new flavours!
*Tommy Europe's dad made AMAZING goat curry for his surprise birthday party! I had thirds and took a tupperware home with me
*Cooked chanterelle and morel mushrooms at home for the first time! I crave them all the time now!
*Discovered cooking with canned pumpkin
*Jobin's salt and vinegar potatoes

I'm sure I will keep thinking of other things- but that is what I've got for now. I'm looking forward to a tasty new year!!!
Let me know what some of your foodie highlights were from 2010.

*Bacon dipped in chocolate and skor bits and Jaime and Jason's Xmas party


Renee said...

I'm surprised the Neighbourhood Noodle House calgary ginger beef didn't make it onto this list... ;-)
Great blog!

Missy Mc said...

RENEE! great food memory. i haven't been there since bc hydro days.....mmmmm. I wonder if its as good as I remember.

Morris said...

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