Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crew Lunch at the Black Bear Pub

It was the second-to-last shoot of the season, a hike in Lynn Canyon Park. We finished in the early afternoon and were feeling pretty ravenous. Since we were in my old ‘hood (Lynn Valley, what, what?). I made a couple of suggestions for some new places to try- but the boys chose The Black Bear Pub- which is where we typically end up for crew meals when we shoot in the area. It was a sunny and warm early-October afternoon, so we hit the patio.
Sound guy and B cam went for the steak special- A 10 oz broiled rib eye served with roast garlic, wild mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables ($16.99). I asked them what for a rating out of 10 and got decisive answers of 6.5/7’s. Neither loved the texture of the broiled steak (“I prefer my steak cooked over an open flame”, and sound guy commented that his meat was too “sinew-y.” B cam really enjoyed the side veg, while Sound guy felt like his were slightly undercooked.
DOP ordered a Matterhorn Burger ($12.99)- a 6 oz ground sirloin burger (also available with an ostrich, chicken, or veg patty) with sautéed field mushrooms, swiss cheese and crispy bacon on a Kaiser bun with lettuce, tomatoe, onion and pickle. It comes with a side of house salad, coleslaw, soup or fries…he went with fries.
He loved this burger calling it a “big, juicy, crispy, gooey, swiss-y burger,loaded up with equivalent of a salad's worth of veggies.”
My meal was a Fallafel Wrap ($11.99)- a fallafel patty with tomatoes, lettuce, red onion, and tzatziki in a tortilla with a ½ house salad and ½ fries.
The patty was nice and crispy and the vegetables were fresh. I would’ve loved a stronger flavour in the tzatziki, which I found a little bland. To add some flavour, I doused it with 2 sides of their in-house hot sauce. It was awesome- thick and savoury with layers of heat. It was a huge portion and I was absolutely stuffed when I was done. The fries were thick cut ( I liked) but could’ve been a bit crispier.
The steak special was a bit of a letdown , the Fallafel Wrap was pretty tasty as a “healthier alternative” and the Matterhorn burger was a hit. I think everyone at the table was having burger envy when that puppy hit the table……
Black Bear Neighbourhood Pub
1177 Lynn Valley Rd
North Vancouver, BC

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