Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If you or someone you know is trying to open a restaurant or cafe in Vancouver.....


Are you a first-time restaurateur opening your dream place but have little or no experience?

Are you feeling slightly overwhelmed by it all and wish that someone could come in and help you to succeed?

Would you welcome the help from one of the top restaurant consultants in the world?

A major food network is looking for energetic, interesting people who are opening their very first restaurant, to star in the new hit TV series "The Opener" staring David Adjey. We are looking for stories from all over North America.

The show follows Restaurant Consultant and chef David Adjey as he travels all over North America helping aspiring restaurateurs get their doors open. Dave is a rock star in the restaurant world - untamed, very smart, and North America's most sought-after consultant for hire, and now you have a chance to have him come into your restaurant and help you to succeed! This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who is new to the restaurant business as David has opened some of the most successful restaurants in the world, and now he can be on your team.

Let us help you get your restaurant open!

Have a look at the show's trailer here:

See more from the network website here:

For more information contact John McMullan at 416-324-8537 ext. 326

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