Monday, October 18, 2010

Losing my Ramen Virginity- Menya Japanese Noodle

Went here recently for a quick lunch with a new buddy. Was starting to feel a little under the weather and instead of my go-to-pho-as-instant-cure-for-illness, I suggested we try a ramen joint on our side of the bridge.
Vancouver’s ramen shops are all the rage these days and it seems like I keep reading review after review of new ramen places opening up all over the city. I’m a ramen virgin. I’ve never tried this type of slurp-able comfort food before. I probably should’ve gone with a seasoned veteran to make suggestions and menu recommendations. But we were both ramen newbies and decided to just go for it.
The menu featured 4 kinds of ramen, a ramen salad, udon and soba varieties, various sides (gyozas and rice balls, etc.) and toppings for your soup.
We both ordered the Menya Shoyu Ramen (7.50) a chicken soup with bonito and soy sauce flavour. It came with cabbage, ½ an egg, green onion, and seaweed. I ordered this because it seemed to have the most going on inside and had “automatic toppings” instead of having to guess with the best topping combos.
The soup itself was a bit “meh” for me. The broth wasn’t as flavourful as I was hoping but fortunately there was an amazing assortment of condiments for me to add and play around to add and change the flavouring. I was loving the Ramen sauce and crushed sesame seeds.
I’ll take the blame for this one- chalk it up to rookie ordering. I probably should’ve gone for the more traditional and popular tonsuko (pork bone) ramen which apparantly has a richer flavour.
Service was prompt and friendly and the all wood/stump seating d├ęcor was fun and cozy on a chilly, autumn day. All in all, a cozy, inexpensive meal, that didn’t blow my mind the way I was hoping it would.
Special note: My buddy Amy ordered a soup to go for a sick friend….check out the care and detail they put into a take out order. An individual, hand-saran wrapped potion of seaweed! Nice!
Menya Japanese Noodle
401 W Broadway (@ Yukon)
Vancouver, BC

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