Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dessert for Dinner @ Three Lions Cafe

Every now and then, we all need to get crazy. Walk on the wild side. Break the rules. Stick it to the man......
And that is what I did last night. I had dessert for dinner.
I know, it's bizarre but someone else was calling the shots last night and I was just rolling with the punches.
Went to Three Lions Cafe on Broadway (fantastic English Breakfasts,great beer list, fantastic atmosphere for watching soccer matches) and ordered the Bread and Butter Pudding and the Guinness Chocolate Cake.
The Guinness Chocolate cake ($7)came with a thick dollop of savoury cream cheese icing (or possibly just sweetened cream cheese) and a thick, not too sweet berry coulis. It was extremely dense and rich, but not overwhelming or overpowering. The cheese, chocolate, berry flavours all worked really well together and balanced each other out. The presentation was a bit frou frou and....phallic for my liking- but once we knocked the firm chocolate pillar onto its side, it wasn't a problem( I started eating it before I realized I should take photos!)
The Bread and Butter Pudding ($7) is fantastic. Thick slices of Brioche bread, with melted chocolate and raisins, in a thick, creamy, buttery cream anglais sauce.....this is heaven in a bowl. Every level of this dish worked for me. The crispier bits of bread on top that we ate first and the soggier, sauce saturated bread were two different type of delicious-ness. Trust me, you want to crawl into this bowl and hang out for a while. This dish could possibly lead to world peace. Is it really this good or is it the sugar talking? You should probably try it and decide for yourself....

Three Lions Cafe
1 East Broadway, Vancouver BC

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