Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kitsilano Farmers Market

I love community events and fresh food…so I try to hit up the local weekend farmer’s markets whenever I can. It’s always a feast for the senses with amazing smells and sounds, loads of friendly (and wacky) people and the absolute best part: tonnes of samples.

I went to the Kitsilano Farmer’s Market (Larch @ 10th Ave: 10am- 2pm) last weekend with only an hour to spare to meet up with leggy redhead and big A.

My favourite product (and vendor) that day had to be Golda’s Finest foods www.gopesto.com

Their company founder, Richard, was on hand dishing out samples and pushing pesto like it’s going out of style. My favourites were the Olive and Cilantro Pestos. Along with samples, Richard had suggestions for using the pestos on pizza, in casseroles, as salad dressing, on appetizers, with meats and seafood, and on sandwiches.

I didn’t get a chance to buy much today because I was rushing off to a baby shower but since the leggy redhead and Big A were making a dinner from their farmer’s market bounty and made time to wait in line to get a crepe for lunch….I asked them for their thoughts on their top market purchases- and they delivered.

Estevan Tuna Co.- based out of Courtenay, these B.C. commercial fishermen catch and market B.C. Albacore Tuna. They sell various tuna products including 3 varieties of canned tuna, cold smoked and FAS loined tuna.They loved Estevan’s Tuna Tataki - $13/lb- comes seared and frozen- just let it thaw, slice it up and marinate- awesome with lemon ponzu sauce. http://www.bctuna.com/

Creperie La Boheme-Sweet and savoury buckwheat (and gluten free) Crepes @ approx 8 bucks each, served on site out of a catering truck. I’ve seen this truck at farmer’s markets before and there is always a long line. This particular Sunday was no exception. They waited about 10-15 min to order, then it took 5 min to prep for the crepe masters to put their crepe orders together from scratch. They loved the immaculate technique and attention to detail that went into prepping each crepe. These crepe experts also use only the freshest, quality fillings and fresh béchamel toppings. They both got savoury crepes and thought they were delicious but they love spice and they felt the flavours were a bit mellow and could’ve used a bit more of a pop on their palette. Big A wanted to give a shout out to amazing packaging on the crepes- even with all the gooey filling, the crepe masters wrapped these puppies up so there was absolutely no dripping or slopping!

Get yourself to a farmers market this weekend!

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