Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Taco Shack: Second Chances

It's been over a year since I visited Taco Shack. We film down at Kits Beach for the show and we would get our crew lunches from Taco Shack fairly often. But the last 2 visits were both epic fails.  I was able to get my chicken burrito bowl both times without issue but when DOP tried to order fish tacos-  the staff weren’t able to accommodate the order because they were out of fish. Then on our next try a few weeks later, they were out of tortillas. Out of tortillas at “Taco Shack” at lunch? Come on! At that point, I kind of wrote off Taco Shack.
But last week, after a shoot at Kits Beach, sure enough the boys and I were starving, someone mentioned fish tacos and off we went to give Taco Shack an opportunity for redemption.
DOP, B Cam, and myself all successfully ordered (they were fully stocked with both fish and tortillas) and polished off 3 fish tacos (7.99) and Sound ordered 2 chicken and a steak. I ordered my tacos with one tortilla (they offered to double up like they do at other traditional places like Dona Canta), no cheese and spicy salsa. Service was prompt and friendly. There was a decent amount of fish buried under tonnes of cabbage, onions, roast corn and cilantro with a healthy dollop of guac. Super fresh, super sloppy and filling. The Crew Boys were all happy campers and enjoyed their tacos.
DOP and Sound both grabbed specialty craft root beers (henry Weinhard's and Old Town Route 66) from the drink cooler and raved about them.
Props to Taco Shack for having Valentina- one of my favourite hot sauces.
Taco Shack
1937 Cornwall Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J 1C8

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