Friday, September 17, 2010

Guest Blog: La Brasserie

Last Saturday I headed to the West End to check out the sights, sounds, music and shopping on Davie for the annual Davie Day Street Festival ( with my good pals, Ashley and The Leggy Redhead. After a couple of hours, Ashley and I headed home while TLR made plans to meet up for a late lunch (4pm???who lunches that late) with the one and only Big A at La Brasserie. Here's her review:

Overall:  great, would definitely go back.  Very decently priced for great quality.

Dishes we had: bagette platter (comes to each table), steak tartar, duck confit, lobster thermador w/ extra side of mixed veggies
  • Bagette platter --- yummy!  They serve it fresh baked and comes with real, super creamy euro butter!  + some chicken pate kind of thing.  Very tasty
  • Steak Tartar -- good, but a bit bland for our liking.  Would be great if they would serve it the real euro way (with spices(salt, pepper, paprika) on the side so you can additionally spice to taste).  Cornichons were a great accompaniment
  • Duck confit --- loved it!  large portion and super moist.
  • Lobster - great presentation and easy to eat as the meat was removed, mixed with cream sauce, chanterelles and then put back into the shell with cheese on top!  Could have used a titch more salt.
  • all dishes came with a small bit of dressed greens.  Dressing was so truly euro...reminded me of my Oma's dressing!  Was perfect accompaniment
*And of course, paired it with some yummy Erdinger! (delicious German beer)
  • We saw quite a few people order the Brasserie Burger --- looked awesome!  Will definitely try the burger & kase spatzle next time!
La Brasserie
1091 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC

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