Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oktoberfest at the Vancouver Alpen Club

Last Saturday night, the biggest party in Vancouver was at The Vancouver Alpen Club for Das Oktoberfest!

Ladies in Dirndl, Guys in Lederhosen and lots of singing along to German drinking songs....

Ein Prosit ein Prosit gem├╝dlichkeit,
Ein Prosit ein Prosit gem├╝tlichkeit
... einz, zwei, drei, suffa!

I went with the Solterbeck Sisters and Company for a night of German drinking, dancing, and eating. Although the focus of the evening was mainly on beer and dancing to the live music provided by the fantastic band, S-Bahn....we all had tasty Deutschland dinners.

I had an $8 combo offering Weisswurst- a traditional German white sausage served with a special Bavarian sweet mustard (Weisswurstsenf), sauerkraut, and a soft fresh baked pretzel. They also offered dill pickle slices and a dijon-style mustard with a bit of a heat. I liked but didn't love the Weisswurst...it was a bit soft and soggy to me and the sweet mustard was too sweet for me. I LOVED the sauerkraut (great texture) and the soft pretzel was perfect- light and chewy, but not too chewy, with just the right level of saltiness.
Bianca got the $8 Bratwurst combo with the same sides and she loved it- her sausage had a delicious slightly crisp exterior and juicy, yet not too fatty centre. Damn, I knew I should've stuck with the sausage I knew. Once you go Brat, you never go back....(terrible, I know). Melanie had a combo with Schnitzel on a bun, served with coleslaw and a vinegar based potato salad. She wasn't crazy about the sides (her mom makes better potato salad...) but she was thrilled with the schnitzel on a bun. She said the meat was juicy and that the batter was nice and tasty, not too heavy.
The Alpen Club is hosting two more Oktoberfest parties on Saturday October 9 and Saturday October 16.

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