Monday, September 20, 2010

Tasty Two Dollar Tacos @ Dona Cata

"Mexican Talk"
I've got to give my pal Heather props for introducing me to Dona Cata. It is bright, warm, inviting and feels authentic. I've been quite a few times and haven't really explored the menu too much other than their taco selections, every flavour of salsa at their salsa station, jarritos sodas, and horchata. I had planned a lunch with Kirsty and baby Lola, and when we called to work out the details- my mind started wandering to 2 dollar tacos and bright pastel pink walls with "Mexican Talk". I suggested DC and Kirsty was game to try it out.
You get a complimentary basket of tortilla chips and then can start hitting the vast range of salsas that are arranged from least spicy to most spicy.
We both ordered tacos. My favorites are:
BARBACOA DE BORREGO: slow-braised lamb loin in a secret house blend of chiles and spices
CARNITAS: succulent pieces of slow roasted pulled pork and herbs
AL PASTOR: marinated pork loin, slow-roasted with spices, chiles and pineapple.
I've tried all of the tacos here and I find their chicken and steak tacos a little dry for my liking.
I typically order 2 tacos- and make them into 4 because they use two small soft corn tortillas per taco (I'm frugal I guess) and then bulk them up by ordering a side of lettuce and half an avocado. Then I head to the salsa station for more bulk and add onions and jalepenos.
It turns out these tacos are a good "eating with baby" food because you can hold a baby in one hand and manage a small taco in the other without making too much of a mess.

Doña Cata mexican restaurant & taqueria5076 Victoria Drive
Vancouver BC V5P 3T8

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heather said...

damn i want like 3 tacos now! another taco fave: budgies! let's go soon :-)